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What we Do

Clifton Park Associates is an independent sales and business development company founded on strong, trusted and credible relationships.

We take great care to work with similar organisations that share our values. In fact we only ever start relationships where we are sure our, or our clients’ work can make a significant difference.

Influence and Relationships are Acquired Not Bought

In the business world, there are an abundance of consultants, industry specialists and non-executive directors who claim to provide experience and services that will generate new business beyond your wildest dreams. But we prefer to be judged on our record; offering clear and transparent ways to make business happen, rooted in influence and the creation of strong relationships.

We provide bespoke packages based on your exact needs, so contact us to find out what we can do for you and discover why we are trusted sales advisors to a growing number of Britain’s most innovative businesses.

Our Purpose? Helping you get in front of the right people

We are strong on opening doors for our clients, thanks to our many years of experience and valuable connections. We can provide for national and international sales opportunities and build new markets for in-house sales teams to pursue. We can cover the whole sales cycle from lead generation to closing orders, to networking or any activity in between.

We are happy to work as your white label Sales Director or can provide for full company representation when needed. We can also offer tailored packages with specialist outsource sales components.

However you choose to work with us, all of our work is based on your needs – not the size of your bank balance.

New Business Development

As experts in strategy and targeting we’re committed to fully understanding what makes your business stand out, and then identifying organisations that would benefit from your services.

With our considerable experience in research, we can identify and cultivate your new business to the point of contact and beyond, providing ongoing support at a senior level to help you manage your new business relationships. Check out our client list and you will see it demonstrates a diversity of success stories.

New Start Ups

Here at CPA, we understand the excitement of starting a new business but also the importance of maintaining focus on commercial reality. We’ve assisted many start-ups through the embryonic stage.

So we understand the breadth and depth of the task you face, along with ways to ensure sales success when bringing something new and exciting to market. Let us take care of your sales strategy, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best.

In-House Training

From the cleaner to CEO, everyone within the business represents its values and can influence and hinder growth with equal measure. Often a fresh pair of eyes, combined with a dose of common sense, is all that is required to sharpen an organisation’s focus. By spending time to understand the business, CPA can provide training and motivation that is relevant to the individual rather than taking a one size fits all approach.

Company Representation

How many times have you heard successful Management Teams lamenting how they wished that they could replicate themselves? With the ever increasing demand on time, combined with the importance of being ‘out there’ promoting the brand and maintaining market knowledge, the CPA Team can represent the business at the highest level as required.

Trusted and Valued; We're Proud to Work Closely With Leading Businesses

We work with best-of-breed businesses that share our core values of credibility, trust, integrity and experience – always in confidence and with discretion.

Talk to us so that we can talk for you

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